Friday, 27 December 2013

Twickenham Festival 2014: Garden Event

Oh my! I'm sure you all must be surprised - I cannot apologise enough for having not made the time to keep this wonderful blog up-to-date. After all, so much has been going on and none of it has been recorded...

Here's to a new resolve in keeping this blog active!

The latest news about the office - apart from the Richmond Rink, which you can book tickets to through Crusader Travel - is next year's Twickenham Festival! The festival will be running from Friday 6th to Sunday 22nd June 2014, and on the weekend of 14th and 15th there will be a two-day Garden Event.

This year's Garden Event, being the first, was very successful and well-received, which lead to the event being brought back by popular demand. You can watch a video of this year's event, which was kindly filmed and produced by Lenslocker.

Thursday, 1 March 2012

Jubilee Jazz Festival - Music to make Horace Walpole Spin?

Strawberry Hill House
He loved to entertain. He loved the quirky. He loved the arts and left us a little Gothic house at Strawberry Hill, whose very existence pretty much sums him up on its own. He used this lovely little treasure to indulge and share what he loved with his friends. With entertainment at the heart and core of Strawberry Hill House, we like to wonder what Horace Walpole would have thought of its use as the stage for the upcoming Jazz Festival across 3rd-4th June 2012

Chris Biscoe
Returning for its second year, the Jazz Festival at Strawberry Hill House will be celebrating the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee in soulful class. Organised by Lesley and Kelvin Christiane of the Richmond and Twickenham Jazz Club, the event kicks off each day from 2pm to 10pm – gates open at 12 noon – with a full itinerary of top musicians and bands. Performing artists include Kelvin and Lesley Christiane; Shanti Paul Jayasinha; Sarah Gillespie; Ian Shaw; Echoes of Ellington Orchestra and more!

With Jazz fans coming in from far and wide, Destination Twickenham (with support from Destination Richmond) has been brought in to provide packages for the long weekend:
  • Packages with One-Day Tickets from £166 for two nights for two adults
  • Packages with Weekend Tickets from £229 for two nights for two adults
Each booking includes:
The Three Tenors
  • Discounts on meals at participating restaurants
  • Option for exclusive tours of the newly refurbished Strawberry Hill House (spaces limited)
  • Discounted river travel on the Thames
  • Option for discounted visits to a selection of attractions including Hampton Court Palace and Kew Gardens
  • Option for excursions to gardens and parks in the Borough
  • If required, tour guides proficient in any language can be provided
…and more added value options!

For more information, please visit our website: or contact Destination Richmond on 020-3141 9922.

Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Holi Festival 2012

We know it's right around the corner - Spring that is. We've had a few days of teasing sunshine, but - like a badger in their sett - the favourable weather seems to want to be coaxed out...unfortunately, that's quite impossible.

Though what isn't impossible, is getting into the spirit of Spring and celebrating all it brings - this is the nature of the Hindu Festival of Holi. The celebration involves throwing coloured powder and dyes at each other - a symbolic act of welcoming the warm colours of Spring born from the departing Winter. Culturally, it is very exhilarating and there are no boundaries as everyone is equal in the mutual joy and excitement they share.

For the past three years, Orleans House Gallery have organised and held an incredibly successful day of celebration; each year bigger than the last. Based on the Twickenham Riverside outside the Gallery grounds, an eventful day has been organised with live music; dance workshops and more.

To add to the variety, this year - for the first time - an Indian/Asian Market will be held on Church Street with stalls offering food; crafts; henna tattoos; fabrics etc. All in an effort to bring the festival to Twickenham TownIf you've been eagle-eyed enough, you'll see that a banner for the event hangs proudly across the street soon to be joined by coloured flags.

The Holi Festival of Colour takes place on Saturday 10th March 2012 from 1.00pm to 4.00pm (the market is open from 11.30am to 5.00pm); to download a .pdf of the featured flyer, all you need to do is click on it.

Friday, 3 February 2012

Missing: Rickshaw Man

Missing: Rickshaw Man

Prizes for Valentines Giveaway (List)
Amorous Weekend in Venice? Check
Romantic Dinner for Two? Check
Enchanting Rickshaw ride home? Er…

Yup. We need your help – we can’t seem to find the Rickshaw man! We’ve seen him around, near Water Lane, but that was around last year…we need him now – can you help?

Unfortunately, we don’t have much to go on – he’s a man and his Rickshaw’s black…with possible white trimming? The important thing is he’s most likely local and we need to find him since he’s been mentioned in our Valentine’s Competition Giveaway!

If you have any information that goes towards his capture identifying and locating him, please contact us on 020-8744 0474 or e-mail:

Thank You!

P.S. Yes, I's been six months since the last news post. I've been trying to find a new home for the blog while working out some other aesthetic issues ;_;

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Great River Race 2011 Spectator Boats

I know, it's been *checks last post* Wow, exactly two months since my last post and I was hyping up the Taste of Twickenham, which didn't do too bad but not too good short the future of a similar event has a big 'Question Mark' hanging over it, but I hope another does happen and the potential of such an event can be realised. Oh, also the weather this time around wasn't too favourable...

Well, going back to point, I'm writing again to hype another event - The 2011 Great River Race - particularly, the Spectator Boats that we have on offer. So, whether it’s for the fierce competition; the rigorous challenge after months of preparation or to support one of the many all-deserving charities – participants from across the world travel to take part in one of the most gruelling races conceived along 21 miles of the mighty River Thames, from the Docklands to Ham. Each year, the number of participants continues to grow (over 300 boats last year!) and continues to draw an impressive crowd along bridges and riverbanks – all gathering to cheer on their family; friends; supported causes or just out of sheer enthusiasm.

Great River Race (2010)

One can imagine how difficult it is to get a prime spot to watch the Race, and it is with this in mind that we are excited to offer the best seats possible – Spectator Boats! We have two wonderful boats – The Viscount and MV Connaught – offering comfort and over 100 seats each. Adult Prices are £27.00 (Viscount) and £28.00 (Connaught); Child Prices (for Under 16 years) are £12.00.

The Viscount

MV Connaught

The Viscount will follow the Race from start (Isle of Dogs) to finish (Ham), with a stop at Hammersmith to let most of the Race go by so that you can continue with the main body. The Connaught will leave from Richmond, steam to Hammersmith and return with the main body of the Race back to Richmond, where it will moor and be used as a grand stand and bar. If local to Richmond and choosing the Viscount, there are shuttlebuses from Thames Young Mariners to the start available at £11.50 per person – contact us for further details.

Lunch is not served on the boats, but you are welcome to bring your own lunches - make a day of it! A picnic on the river! The bar takes cash only, but supplies beverages (alcohol and soft drinks) and light snacks.

For more information and to book, please visit our website.

Also on the riverside is a weekend of assorted events, full details of which can be viewed here. Get in touch with us for Rhythm Force 2011 Tickets and possible packages (accommodation; transport etc.) we can put together!

Thursday, 16 June 2011

Hype: Taste of Twickenham

Gosh, there's been so much going on! I've been kept very busy in the office - making bookings for the Great River Race (17th September) and helping as best I can; keeping the websites up-to-date and trying to tick things off my 'To Do List' for when things are quiet on my end. Unfortunately, that means I've been letting the blog suffer and we all know how I feel about that!

Anyway, we're coming up to the end of the Twickenham Festival and we're all hoping that the forecast is a lie - we want good GREAT weather for the Taste of Twickenham. Having attended the Laverstoke Farm Fun Day last Sunday, I was lucky to get in there and out between rain showers - I  did take pictures, so I'll be putting those up soon...probably on the FaceBook page, which reminds me...part of my 'To Do List' is to create a Gallery for the Destination Richmond website so I can link to there for the appropriate albums. It would be quite 'swish/schway' don't you think?

But yes, we're all looking forward to the Taste of Twickenham this weekend (18th - 19th June 2011 on Church Street) - it's the first time it's being run, after years of putting it forward (not by me, mind...only been here 2 years, but I'd still support it!) and it's bound to be interesting, so please do come down and show your support so that next year can be bigger and better!

Also, do pick up a Raffle Ticket (or 5!) There are a bunch of amazing prizes being given away, with the top one being a holiday for 4 to Sicily - Villa; Flights; Transfers and Car Hire included! Tickets are £1.00 each and all proceeds will go towards Commando Spirit.

Friday, 27 May 2011

Chiswick House and Gardens Camellia Festival 2011

Finally! After many months since the event, I have the images of the first ever Chiswick House and Gardens Camellia Festival up! They're on our Facebook Page: click here

I dragged my mum off to the event with me - it was her first time there (my second) and she had a lovely time. We managed to cover the area in about two hours and stuck around for some soup, before shooting off to Rochester to visit my brother.

While I was busy playing paparazzi and snapping photos to share with the community, my mum got into pretty detailed conversations about the Camellias and their varieties. I knew she liked flowers, but I didn't know she liked them that much. She even got into a discussion of why the famous Middlemist's Red was named thus, since it doesn't look 'Red' at all, but 'Pink'.

The true answer is that no-one knows, but the volunteer she spoke with likes to speculate that Mr. Middlemist was colour blind. My theory? The colour 'Pink' probably didn't exist as a word back then, much like how 'Orange' didn't when the Robin was described as 'Red-breasted'. Perhaps, as a way to differentiate this shade that wasn't purely 'Red' but close enough, it was named 'Middlemist's Red'...because it was his 'Red'...