Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Tour of Kneller Hall

Today we (the boss and I) were invited to attend a tour of Kneller Hall - the base for the Royal Military School of Music - which consisted of an extensive and detailed talk on the history of the Hall and the beginnings of the School, sitting in on morning rehearsals and a tour of the Museum.

Personally, I thought the talks were quite interesting - I do love my history - though I would have preferred to have seen more of the Hall, since the building itself is quite nice and what I did see, I liked. The rehearsals were quite good - I think they were in preparation for a concert being held later in the evening. Apparently the RMSM holds eight concerts a year during the Summer - something which I'll have to keep on top of, as I definitely want to attend one.

Anyway, as it's a Military School of Music, you'll be forgiven for assuming that the only performances on show are military melodies, however this is not the case. They are, after all, musicians in the military field and so perform their own compositions and renditions of well-known arrangements, some of which we heard during the rehearsal and they were quite impressive.

The museum is perhaps a haven for instrument enthusiasts, but even so it's simply interesting to see how instruments have developed and evolved over time. Most of these developments were brought on by the bandmasters' preference and desire to compose arrangements utilising more than one note, while others were created through experiments in marrying one desired feature with another. Apart from having instruments on display, there are also uniforms, scores and many photographs, paintings and images to admire.

Friday, 16 July 2010

Feature: Henry VIII's Honeymoon Pageant

A little over a week left until our highly-anticipated event, King Henry VIII's Honeymoon Pageant, is upon us. We've been buzzing with activity, and above all have been working hard at putting together the packs to be sent out - hence apologies are in order to all who have booked their tickets and are waiting for said packs, but I hope our efforts are satisfactory and they should be with you soon, definitely before the Pageant.

For those not in the know, the event was covered lightly in this post and we welcome you to take part in this novel and entertaining event celebrating the marriage of King Henry VIII and Lady Jane Seymour on Saturday 24th July 2010.

Bear witness and follow the procession from its starting point at Asgill House, Richmond-upon-Thames, then board the VIP boat, the Yarmouth Belle and sail as part of King Henry's entourage, including the Ambassadors from France and the Holy Roman Empire, to Hampton Court Palace. Here, the King and his new bride shall welcome guests and further celebrations will commence, including (but not limited to) Royal Fanfare and salute, Tudor gun-firing and further activities such as a bodyguard battle!

We are offering two options to book your place; either buy tickets or go for the extra pampering and make a weekend break out of it! Visit our website for details.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Feature: Kew Gardens Summer Swing

One more event I must highlight; the Kew Gardens Summer Swing!

Much like the Hampton Court Palace Music Festival, the Summer Swing is a series of concerts set against the backrdrop of the Victorian Temperate House, over the course of one week. This year, the line-up includes:
  • Jools Holland - 6th July
  • Bjorn Again - 7th July
  • Dancing in the Streets - 8th July
  • Bootleg Beatles - 9th July
  • Queen Symphonic Rock Spectacular - 10th July
Just to inform you, there's no seating available, so you'll have to bring along picnic blankets or an acceptable equivalent. Also, should you be in need of a break or feeling peckish, there is the Swing Village - an area that sells hot and cold food, drink, picnic hampers and wine for the parched.

The event runs from Tuesday 6th-Saturday 10th July.

Feature: Hampton Court Palace Flower Show 2010

Wow, it has been a while since I last updated the defence? I've been kept busy with doing all sorts of updates to the website, especially for the upcoming Henry VIII's Honeymoon Pageant as well as making adverts and plugging it as much as possible :) So far, good response!

So, let's get back on topic - the Hampton Court Palace Flower Show 2010 is an event hosted by the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) and turns 21 this year - 17 of which have been as its present incarnation! The highlights include:
  • Grow Your Own Exhibit
  • Growing Tastes Cookery Theatre
  • A Midsummer's Rose Festival
  • Shakespeare at Hampton Court
  • Floristry
  • Plant Heritage Marquee
For further information, visit the Show Features page on the RHS website.

The event runs for a week from 6th-11th July, and if you have the opportunity, do attend it. Reading about the 'Shakespeare at Hampton Court' gardens, the exhibit looks quite interesting - what with being six gardens themed around six plays. The subtle, floral symbolism is one that catches my curiosity.