Tuesday, 30 November 2010

2010 Christmas Lights in Twickenham

Oh boy, isn't this disgraceful?! For the whole of November 2010, I've only done ONE blog post! Tut-tut...truly unacceptable on my part - there's so much going on and really, I should have been hyping this event up weeks in advance! I won't make excuses because they take up important blogging room, but what I may suggest to myself is that I might just take this up into the home - if I don't have enough time to blog during office hours, then maybe I can switch the PlayStation* off a little earlier and blog from home instead...or perhaps push for a minion.

All that aside, let's get back to the REAL subject of this post - The Christmas Lights Party in Twickenham.

Church Street Lights

Thursday, 18 November 2010

World Travel Market Review

Phew! Almost a week after WTM and I finally get around to writing about it! I forget that exhibitions and events are all well and good to attend, but then there's a mountain of work to catch up with...

The WTM is a four-day event held at the ExCel Centre, London Docklands. Exhibitors and visitors from across the Earth gather here to market and sell their services and destinations, as well as coming together to make new and promising partnerships. Now, I might be a weirdo for saying this, but I really did enjoy going to the event - it's the second time I've been. I know it's a lot of work, but I'm fascinated by all the locations and businesses that attend. The floorplan is split into continents - with additional sections dedicated to web and technology services, and a media village.

It's a goldmine and invaluable experience when learning about destinations one has heard of and discovering the existence of others. I was barely interested in visiting Macau, but since I stopped by the stand and learnt more about it's history, I just have to go visit it at some point. Okay, I know this is 'Eye on Richmond' and I'm supposed to be writing about the goings-on in the Borough and the activities of Destination Richmond, but it doesn't hurt to deviate from that now and then - adds flavour, and besides, we did attend in an exhibitor's capacity.

The VisitBritain and UKInbound stand

Bruce Lyons (MD) manning the Destination Richmond table

Our table was at the UKInbound stand - we're members of the group - and there were a number of exhibitors sharing the space. As seen from the two images, it was quite busy - another thing to remember when going to a high-profile event, there's bound to be a great number of attendees which makes navigating a room quite tricky. We had some interest and generated more by wandering around visiting other stands, though it was quite surprising to find out that quite a few of the people who attended had offices and may have resided in the Borough at some point.

I look forward to next year!