Friday, 27 May 2011

Chiswick House and Gardens Camellia Festival 2011

Finally! After many months since the event, I have the images of the first ever Chiswick House and Gardens Camellia Festival up! They're on our Facebook Page: click here

I dragged my mum off to the event with me - it was her first time there (my second) and she had a lovely time. We managed to cover the area in about two hours and stuck around for some soup, before shooting off to Rochester to visit my brother.

While I was busy playing paparazzi and snapping photos to share with the community, my mum got into pretty detailed conversations about the Camellias and their varieties. I knew she liked flowers, but I didn't know she liked them that much. She even got into a discussion of why the famous Middlemist's Red was named thus, since it doesn't look 'Red' at all, but 'Pink'.

The true answer is that no-one knows, but the volunteer she spoke with likes to speculate that Mr. Middlemist was colour blind. My theory? The colour 'Pink' probably didn't exist as a word back then, much like how 'Orange' didn't when the Robin was described as 'Red-breasted'. Perhaps, as a way to differentiate this shade that wasn't purely 'Red' but close enough, it was named 'Middlemist's Red'...because it was his 'Red'...

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