Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Great River Race 2011 Spectator Boats

I know, it's been *checks last post* Wow, exactly two months since my last post and I was hyping up the Taste of Twickenham, which didn't do too bad but not too good either...in short the future of a similar event has a big 'Question Mark' hanging over it, but I hope another does happen and the potential of such an event can be realised. Oh, also the weather this time around wasn't too favourable...

Well, going back to point, I'm writing again to hype another event - The 2011 Great River Race - particularly, the Spectator Boats that we have on offer. So, whether it’s for the fierce competition; the rigorous challenge after months of preparation or to support one of the many all-deserving charities – participants from across the world travel to take part in one of the most gruelling races conceived along 21 miles of the mighty River Thames, from the Docklands to Ham. Each year, the number of participants continues to grow (over 300 boats last year!) and continues to draw an impressive crowd along bridges and riverbanks – all gathering to cheer on their family; friends; supported causes or just out of sheer enthusiasm.

Great River Race (2010)

One can imagine how difficult it is to get a prime spot to watch the Race, and it is with this in mind that we are excited to offer the best seats possible – Spectator Boats! We have two wonderful boats – The Viscount and MV Connaught – offering comfort and over 100 seats each. Adult Prices are £27.00 (Viscount) and £28.00 (Connaught); Child Prices (for Under 16 years) are £12.00.

The Viscount

MV Connaught

The Viscount will follow the Race from start (Isle of Dogs) to finish (Ham), with a stop at Hammersmith to let most of the Race go by so that you can continue with the main body. The Connaught will leave from Richmond, steam to Hammersmith and return with the main body of the Race back to Richmond, where it will moor and be used as a grand stand and bar. If local to Richmond and choosing the Viscount, there are shuttlebuses from Thames Young Mariners to the start available at £11.50 per person – contact us for further details.

Lunch is not served on the boats, but you are welcome to bring your own lunches - make a day of it! A picnic on the river! The bar takes cash only, but supplies beverages (alcohol and soft drinks) and light snacks.

For more information and to book, please visit our website.

Also on the riverside is a weekend of assorted events, full details of which can be viewed here. Get in touch with us for Rhythm Force 2011 Tickets and possible packages (accommodation; transport etc.) we can put together!

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